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Find out the best places to travel, to live, to shine & find love. 

Discover Your Destiny & Unveil Your Unique Astrocartography Map by booking an Astrocartography reading here.

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What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a form of Astrology that maps the positions of celestial bodies at the time of an individual's birth and analyzes how they relate to the geographic locations on Earth. It is a tool to help you understand the energy of different places & it’s effect on you based on your birth chart the placement of the planets when you were born). It is not just about relocating & traveling. Even if you are unable to move, I think it is important to understand the energy around you, knowing what are the challenges and the opportunities for growth in that place can be tremendously helpful in aiding you to make the best of what you have.

Astrocartography Reading Provide Insights into: 


Life Path

The reading can help the  individual understand their life path and purpose by highlighting specific areas of the world where their natal chart energies are strongest. 


Relationship Compatibility

The reading can also provide insight into the best locations for finding compatible partners and forming strong relationships. 



If an individual is considering relocating, an Astrocartography reading can help them identify the locations where their natal chart energies will be most supportive and facilitate personal growth. 


Personal Growth

The readings can reveal areas of the world where an individual is likely to experience significant personal growth and transformation. Overall, an astrocartography reading can provide valuable information for individuals looking to make important life decisions and maximize their potential.


Career Opportunities

Astrocartography can help an individual identify locations where their skills and talents will be recognized and valued, leading to better career opportunities. 

Astrocartography is a tool we can use to discover what places around the world may be the best for us to live in. It is how the placements of the planets affect the energies we feel in certain places we live or visit, depending on our own birth chart.

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Why Book a Reading with An Astrologer

Astrocartography has become very popular the past year with more & more people wanting to work remotely and/or find a place, where they can settle in. Thus, there is plenty of information about it online showing you how to pull up your Astro Map for FREE and explain what each line represent. 


However, a lot of this information is misleading. Yes, you can pull up your Astro Map online for FREE.

BUT the lines have to be interpreted based on the dignity of the planets in your chart & your chart as a whole! 


For example, you find out your Venus line on, that doesn’t mean all the countries that go through that line are great for your love life!! If your Venus is afflicted by hard aspects then NO. 

This is why you need an Astrologer to read your chart, an Astrologer will look at your chart as a whole, interpret the aspects and the dignity of the planets in YOUR chart. 


Also in my Astrocartography blog post I shared the list of cities & their zodiac sign, But Please don’t use this by looking at the countries with your sun/moon sign or any other planets! The sign of the planets in your birth chart DOES NOT = the planet lines in Astrocartography! This is NOT how Astrocartography is interpreted. 

Which is why it is best, to consult an Astrologer to interpret your chart for you.


Why Order from us?

Your reading, will cover ALL areas of life. Which place(s) are best for you when it comes to love, family, career, opportunity & where in the world would you feel at home vs challenging difficult places in the world. 

  1. Your reading will cover ALL continents 

  2. Your reading has NO LIMIT to how many cities you would like me to compare, if you have any in mind

  3. You reading includes a digital report with all the information AND an optional call with me, for FREE if you want to discuss your report and ask any questions.

I ask for previous countries, as I would be able to show you how accurate this method is, by predicting the theme, focus, struggles & even events that have occurred when you stayed there. For this reading I also ask you to specify what you are seeking to get out, to help you get the most of the reading. Are you looking for Love? Abundance? Career advancement? & I ask for a list of previous countries you lived in, and where are you interested to go to next. 


You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can, during the duration of your reading & because this reading includes a lot of information, you will get a typed word document first, a detailed report covering all the lines and all cities you are interested in (usually 10 pages long). Then if you wish, and  I recommend this, you can schedule a call with me for FREE to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

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Please read this post, on the dangers of using FREE online Astrology reports and not ordering your Birth Chart reading from a reliable Astrologer, click here.


What People Say

S.E Therapist 

Arwa, wow! This reading was incredible and so spot on! The birth chart reading really made sense and explained a lot about what I’ve been through and where I’m going. This will be very helpful in life to understand who and how am I and what areas in my life I may need to work on to find more alignment and peace. So beautiful. 🦋 The solar return and the astrocartography sections were also super validating for me!! So many parts of this I’ve already been planning on or feeling called to do, so seeing it align with stars (and with you knowing so little about me or my plans) I just feel even more confident and supported moving forward! I’m so grateful for your time to put this reading together for me. It was very beautiful! 🦋✨ by Amanda - Writer


My Astrocartography reading with Arwa helped me understand the relationship between certain places and life experiences I’ve had. It was very helpful to narrow down some choices for some upcoming decisions. I would recommend it! - By S.E Therapist 

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