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13 Aspects of Soul Mate Connection

Updated: Mar 7

There is a lot & many more, but I am sticking with these for now …

You do need to know at least the basic of Astrology for this.

  • NN = North Node

  • SN = South Node

  • H = House

  1. NN of 1 partner is in the 7H of the other = NN is life purpose & 7H is marriage house so ya, this one is so sweet !

  2. SS of 1 partner in the 7H of the other = indicates you are related from past & have unfinished business - not usually fair tale story & hard to let go *** Karmic relationships can easily be mistaken for soul mate connections!

  3. One of the nodes of 1 partner, In the 12H of the other = it's neither good or bad, without it brings a lover type energy but very strong karmic connection between the two. 12H can also be seen as past life or karmic house.

  4. Personal planet conjunct the vertex especially the moon (MAX 3 orb) that's very powerful & the ruler of the vertex shows where you might meet your partner

  5. Personal planet of 1 partner conjunct, the other's sun or moon = life mission is sun & emotional security is the moon (or get you out of ur comfort zone). For example, Her moon conjunct his sun, she helps him with his life mission & gives him emotional security

  6. Moon conjunct trine or sextile to Venus = your Emtions & love language need to be compatible, right?

  7. Planets in the 4H (home) 5H (fun & children) or 7H (Marriage house)

  8. Jupiter aspects to Sun / Moon / Venus / angles or 7th house ruler = he/she better bless me in those areas, or why we together?

  9. Saturn in conjunction or trine to Sun / Moon / Venus / DESC or Lord of 7H

  10. NN conjunction to the personal planets = NN is your soul purpose, you both need to be moving forward toward the same direction, or you won’t last ...

  11. Lord of 7 or Lord of 8 in positive aspect to Vertex within 3 degrees = vertex is your 2nd ascendent, important but underrated point, in my opinion!

  12. L1 or L7 in conjunction to partner's

  13. Juno conjunction to Sun / Moon / Venus / north node or L7

& here you have it 😄 you’re welcome!!

If you lost, need help I do, do love & relationships readings 😉

& here you have it :)

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Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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