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About Me

Hello beautiful people and welcome to Astro Arwa - my Astrology website.

My name is Arwa Ali and I am a here to share with you my knowledge of all things Astrology.

I am originally from Yemen, however I was born in UAE, Abu Dhabi. My family & I moved to UK When I was 15 years old, luckily for me I did speak English before moving to the UK (thank you mom & dad!) so it wasn't as difficult but of course just like any big move like this, it did come with it's challenges.

Nevertheless, I am super grateful for the UK and all the opportunities it has given me. I entered university in 2011, without delays, and completed my Bachelors in Psychology. Why Psychology? that wasn't a difficult decision to be honest. I knew I wanted to help others & work with people from a very young age. At that time, I was thinking along the lines of counseling or maybe nutrition but I thought until I know for sure what I want to do as my career, I need to first understand myself before I can understand anyone else. So Psychology it was.

I then decided to become an academic, a Researcher, a Research Assistant, as long as I get to read & research Psychology & improve myself on daily basis, work independently most of the time, get to make an impact on the world, but behind the scenes! then yes, this must be my path. So I applied for Masters in Research in Psychology, at the University of Manchester, and lucky for me I got a Scholarship !!! FREE MASTERS!!!

I got to complete a Master in my favourite subject in the world, doing what I believed I was destined to do doing for the rest of my life (becoming an Academic & Researcher) but my God, I hated it. I wanted to get out, & I couldn't wait for it to be over ! How can only 2 days a week at university, make me make drastic changes to my future plans... lol

Fast forward, I was glad it was over when it was, I passed, incase you are wondering.

And just like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to get out. but not just from University. I wanted to get out of the UK, get away, move far away, be alone, take some time to discover myself.... you know?

Not really, I just wanted to run away from society & escape this BS.

Which is why, I ended up moving to China, Shanghai in 2017. The furthest place I can think of & a country where I know NO ONE. It's a little hard with my people, I have family everywhere! But no one, considered China before me, so I decided to move there.

My plan was to take a year out teach English as a foreign language to kids, which was the craziest idea ever, since I never ever wanted to be a teacher & I hated kids!! But guess what? It was the best thing I ever did. I've been teaching since then, almost 5 years to present day ......

This post was meant to be a brief short sweet post about The person behind Astro Arwa & how I got to Astrology, but I got too carried away! Let me try to sum it all up....

Being an ESL teacher for the fast few years & having the opportunity to be abroad & travel the world, has been one of the best things and a blessing to my journey, without it, I wouldn't have done the following:

  1. I completed & studied Nutrition & healed my body

  2. Which I believe also led to my spiritual awakening ...

  3. I discovered water fasting & did that for years until I completed my longest fast in 2020, of 9 days: 1st 5 days were without water or food and the last 4 days were just water no food....

  4. I completed my Yoga teacher Training in India in 2018

  5. I learnt about Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda

  6. I learnt about Reiki & became a Reiki Master & Teacher

  7. I discovered womb healing, Womb wisdom, Yoni eggs & started selling my own Yoni eggs &also wrote an Ebook on the subject

  8. I learnt about emotions and how they can cause dis-ease

  9. I had the time to study and study all things I loved & of course dive deep into Astrology

My love for Astrology goes back years, but it was only since the pandemic hit, that I discovered this is something I am naturally very very good at (south node in 8th house). For years I use to do readings for fun & entertainment. But today, I feel that my gift is worth sharing & I am a believer that when you don't share your gifts, it causes dis-ease in the body... & it impacts your karma! So here I am, I hope this post gives you a sense of who I am ....

I will leave it here. Thank you for reading about me & being here, if you made it this far ;)

Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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