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Align with the Stars: Your Daily Schedule

Updated: Mar 7

The wise ancient prophets saw that each day of the week is energetically connected to one of the seven observable planets. They recommended certain activities and behavior that corresponded to the influences of the day. This increased the chances of success and harmonious completion.

Sunday: ruled by the Sun, God of life and happiness, Sunday is recommended for initiating new activities and plans and also for health treatments as this is the day of the week when a new cycle of the body’s recuperative powers begins. All creative work should start on Sundays. It is not a good period for isolation or meditation.

Monday: ruled by the Moon, Mother Goddess, Monday is a restless & changeable day, it is full of emotions, ups & downs, due to the fact that it is ruled by the moon. The Moon in astrology symbolizes the female principle, therefore Monday rules and protects all women.

Most of us don’t despite Monday because its the start of the work week but because of it's contradicting energy to what we need to start the work week! It’s a good day for writers/writing, spending time with Family & loved ones, & letting our guards down.

Tuesday: ruled by Mars, the God of war, is considered an active, sharp, explosive Initiating action energy day! It is not advised to rest much or stay inactive, great day to start new projects, stay busy & physically active.

9/11 attack, 2 June BLM blackout, 4 Aug 2020 Lebanon explosion, US elections, 14/Dec/21the 1st US VAX rollout… what day of the week you think these took place?

Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury, the messenger God, associated with trade, knowledge and information. This day is good for traveling, marketing, trading, networking, business deals, new contacts, administrative and intellectual work.

Thursday: Ruled by Jupiter, “the king of the planets”, a royal day, This day is for affairs of religion, politics and the higher mind. Thursday is dedicated to solving problems of the law, state and society. Jupiter governs long distance and foreign travel, big business and wealth, higher education, religion, and the law.

Friday: Ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, bringers of peace, harmony and beauty. Relaxing and having fun, auspicious for tying the knot or going on romantic dates. One has to be careful about overindulging on Fridays, as it is easier to succumb to passions of the flesh and lower desires. Dating, love and pleasure related activitities venture best on Fridays.

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn, the God of death and time, This is another critical day, dedicated to honoring the dead. A day for self-introspection, deep meditation and lonely concentration on the more meaningful aspects of existence, planning the week ahead & finishing things off from the week, tidying the house/cleaning. It is a good day for finishing off old business but not for starting new projects.

Flow in alignment & see how much ease & less resistant you create 😉

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Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

Lot of Love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali) X

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