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Astrocartography Reading

Updated: Jan 27

What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a tool we can use to discover what places around the world may be the best for us to live in. It is how the placements of the planets affect the energies we feel in certain places we live or visit, depending on our own birth chart.

Astrocartography maps indicate where your unique Astrological influences show opportunities for growth and highlight challenges or disadvantages also associated with particular areas.

Things you can find out by getting an Astrocartography chart reading, Where in the world:

  • Would you feel home & can retire

  • Where is the best/highest potential for making money

  • Where is best for your love life or meeting someone

  • Which countries/regions would be more challenging than others

  • Where would you get the most visibility, been seen and shine , have energy & be more creative

And many more!!

There are two ways to use Astrocartography for travel & relocation:

  1. is an easy online FREE resource where anyone can explore & test out, However this method is not ACCURATE method, as it doesn't take into account the person’s chart & strength of their planets.

  2. A relocation chart, this is a new chart generated for the specific location you are interested in. This is preferable & much more detailed method to help you decide where is best for you and where it isn’t. For this method, you will need an Astrologer, someone who can interpret the chart for you.

Ordering an Astrocartography Reading from Astro Arwa:

Your reading, will include which place(s) are best for you when it comes to love, family, career, opportunity & where in the world would you feel at home vs challenging difficult places in the world.

Welcome to Astro Arwa: My name is Arwa Ali

I ask for previous countries, as I would be able to show you how accurate this method is, by predicting the theme, focus, struggles & even events that have occurred when you stayed there.

For this reading I ask you specify what you are seeking to get out, to help you get the most of the reading. Love? Abundance? Career advancement? & list of previous countries you lived in, and where are you interested to go next.

You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can, during the duration of your reading & because this reading includes a lot of information, you will get a typed word document detailing your report covering all the lines and all cities you are interested in (usually 10 pages long).

Get to know more about my work by checking:

- My Astrology blog

- About me Page

- My clients' reviews

- My instagram

*** P.S, Also check out my Astrocartography blog post, here, with the full list of countries & their zodiac sign.

Look forward to hear from you,

Astro Arwa X

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