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Astrology of your 30s

Annual Profections is “a technique developed in the Hellenistic Tradition of Astrology, and the way it works is that each year of the native’s life, the Ascendant, or the 1st house, signifying the native, is advancing annually, moving into the next sign”. Depending on what your rising sign is, you will transit each year in different signs. So while the themes stay in the houses, the way you experience them will be based on the sign that transits that house. Keep reading to learn more about which area of life will be the most significant for you based on your age!

This is an easy & simple technique to predict the themes of your life at each age!! of course this is general, and might not be accurate for each HOWEVER in general these are the themes of each age! and I would recommend you look at them & focus your energy in this specific area of life as this is the area of life where, you are most likely being blessed with in this year, and the stars support you with in regards to that specific area of life.

Age 30 = 7th House Profection Year

The Seventh House is about relationships, marriage, and business. This is when many meet a soulmate or find themselves inching more towards commitment. It’s all about being more in tune with your partners, whether they’re romantic or work-related. The seventh house is one that rules your intimate relationships and romantic endeavors. During seventh profection years, a focus on these themes is strong, which often leads to a committed relationship or marriage. However, it can also simply deal with the aspects of partnership more generally within your life.

Interestingly in our 30s we go through our 8th house profection year, which we don't do in our 20s!

Age 31 = 8th House Profection Year

Death, rebirth, transformation, and taxes. Growth and healing happen in the eighth house profection year. An 8th House profection year can indicate losing, death (or endings), dealing with taxes, shared finances, loss, inheritance and therapy. 8th House profection year reminds us that we deserve time to slow down and focus on our inner world.

Age 32 = 9th House Profection Year

This is the area of long-distance travel, expansion, foreign destinations, higher education, wisdom, beliefs, learning, philosophy, Astrology, spirituality, and religion. This is a really fun one. This year is about learning, spirituality, and your relationship to it. When your 9th House is activated, you might: Travel internationally. Decide to go back to school. Take a comprehensive astrology class. Hang up your shingle as a tarot reader, especially if your midheaven is in the 9th. Be involved in the legal system. Sign up for a spiritual course or certification. Publish a book or your dissertation. Go on a year long quest to find yourself.

Age 33 = 10th House Profection Year

The 10th House themes include: Career Reputation Social Standing Life Path Visibility. The Tenth House also governs public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements. When your age links to the 10th House, you may become more visible or create major progress on career and life goals.

Age 34 = 11th House Profection Year

The Eleventh House this one is about your friendships. Eleventh profection years are all about investing more in the people that surround you. You may actively seek out those who are more like-minded or even decide to take your friendships to a deeper level of feeling more likely family. This one year is about your friendships. Make sure to nourish them this year. You will grow closer to best friends, find new groups you may connect with, and possibly take trips with them.

Age 35 = 12th House Profection Year

The Twelfth House profection year. 12th House Profection Year. This placement is about the shadow and things hidden, the subconscious, unconscious, intuition, dreams areas of loss, as well as retreat and renewal. During a 12th Profected year, you may feel the need to retreat more and rediscover yourself, spending time in solitude or isolation. This one is all about dreams, past lives, pain, loss, and secrets. You will deal with things you may have been hiding. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad. You can begin to let go of things that you are holding onto before you move back onto the First House, or House of self-image again.

Age 36 = 1st House Profection Year

The First House will affect things “directly relating to you, such as your sense of self, body, core identity, personality, look, and main characteristics. During this year, significant things may occur to your aesthetics or who you are as a person. You may grow or change in some way, or simply reconnect to yourself. Your overall wellbeing and identity will come into focus”.

Age 37 = 2nd House Profection Year

This year is all about your values. Self-worth, taste, style. The second house also rules money, baby. So this year could be about making money or having a lot to do with your finances. This will concern your values- what you place value on, your self-worth, taste, what you appreciate, as well as your finances, income, money, property, and possessions.

Age 38 = 3rd House Profection Year

This year is all about communication and learning about how you communicate. This could be with your family or friends, and your commitment to expressing yourself. You may have a whole new outlook on life after this year. This House deals with communication, so the way you communicate and process information, as well as expressing yourself in general. It also deals with siblings, relatives, routine or short-distance travel, and learning.

Age 39 = 4th House Profection Year

The Fourth House deals with your family, home, inner child, and parental figures. You will connect with them deeply and you may move or renovate and change your space because this is what you want. During these years you might make a major decision or change around your home and living situation or experience a significant event with family. This could involve a move or renovation, or the buying or selling of property.

Age 40 = 5th House Profection Year

A big one, this year deals with pleasure, creativity, children, and art. It’s about romance and relationships. This is also the year that you start your Saturn Return, so you may feel like you look at dating or marriage in a different way. This first Saturn Return is your transition into full adulthood. This is the House of joy, pleasure, creativity, children, hobbies, and what you enjoy. If you are artistic, this may be heightened during this time, or you may discover a newfound sense of creativity. You may also desire to have children or come into focus with them in some other way.

& here you have it :)

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