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Chiron: Your Key to becoming Whole

Updated: Mar 7

Chiron is one of the most recently discovered planetoids (in 1977). Also known as the “wounded healer”. Chiron is named after a Greek healer, philosopher, and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself. It is symbolized by a key, demonstrating the importance of unlocking this minor planet's major lessons.

Finding out your Chiron’s natal position by sign and house, we can find out deepest psychological wounds that result in recurring life issues and need to be continuously remediated.

As an archetype, Chiron is said to embody the key lessons humanity is in need of now: the ability to link the daily concerns of life (paying the rent, washing the laundry, getting around in the world, and so forth) with the more profound spiritual realities. Chiron thus symbolizes the ability to establish a working bridge between the realm of the earth and the realm of Spirit, and thereby to foster a healthy balance.

"As paradoxical as it sounds, knowing our own 'primal wound' then actually makes us complete and whole.”

Chiron in 1st house

This shows your deepest wound resides in your sense of self & perhaps your physical appearance/body. You do not feel worthy of anything & you go out of your way to ruin things that can bring you happiness. You may have trouble defining yourself and finding meaning in yo ur life. You often neglect yourself or feel unworthy. You may project this nto your relationships & because you can not value yourself you you end up harming potential romantic relationships.You may be a fighter for those who are less fortunate and give wonderful advice to others - Helping others help themselves and find their true potential is your strong point. However your problem, is that you can't do the same for yourself. Your deepest lesson is, self-love and self-respect.

Core Need: to be self-determining. To fulfill desire.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never get my way.

Chiron in 2nd house

This shows your deepest wound residing in your sense of self-worth. You may have trouble seeing the worth in your own being without having something to offer. People will this position struggle to see their self worth when they have financial difficulties. To them finances = worth. But these people need to learn to love themselves without the material stuff. They think because they don’t have anything, then they do not have anything to offer & thus the don’t see their self value. "When one is well equipped materially, one will still not be happy until they find the worth in their spirit and their own being rather than what they own”. Your biggest lesson is to find value of yourself without material stability. When you truly find your personal worth you will be able to transcend your deepest wound.

Core Need: to have stability, physical safety.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never have enough.

Chiron in 3rd house

This shows your deepest wound residing in communication. These people often feel that whatever they have to say has no value, and that whatever they have to say will either be misunderstood or get ignored. In early childhood, they may have experienced insults the have wounded them so deeply, that made them so insecure about speaking. Some of them may even had a delayed speech in childhood or have had difficulties learning growing up. But most people with this position, struggle to express and communicate how they feel. Difficulties with Siblings is also common with this position. The goal of Chiron here is to show you that your words are important and you are worthy of attention.

Core Need: to communicate express intelligence.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never be heard or understood.

Chiron in 4th house

This shows me that your wound is family related, it was your upbringing, even if nothing may have happened, being around family, trigger some emotions for you. A family member may failed you, a parent may have been absent. They might have been absent emotionally, mentally, or physically, but this absence affected you deeply. You may now struggle to figure out where and with whom you belong. I find that this Chiron in the 4th house placement can lead to over-attachment (or anxious attachment) to those who do stick around. Alternatively, the individual might become less attached than normal (avoidant attachment) in order to avoid getting hurt as they did when they were a child. In relationships, the Chiron in the 4th house individual might struggle to let go, even when the relationship is unhealthy.

It’s difficult for these people to see red flags once they’re attached. If you have this placement, you might be very good at naturally picking up on the wounds of others. Chiron in the 4th house means that you can be a great caretaker, but you can also get emotionally overwhelmed easily. You sometimes get stuck caring for people with wounds that they don’t want to heal.

With Chiron in the 4th house, you need to learn that you are the only one who can give yourself proper validation to heal. You’ll also need to understand that you’re good enough to be cared for by others and that you deserve more than what you ask for. I find that Chiron in the 4th house is always a lesson of worthiness, but this is a quality that must be developed from the inside.

Core Need: To feel emotionally secure & protected.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never feel safe.

Chiron in 5th

Chiron in the 5th house is especially dependent on the sign that Chiron sits in. This 5th house wound is all about a deep hurt relating to the Inner Child, sexuality, romance, self-expression, or creativity. If you have Chiron in the 5th house, you probably hide what is unique about you, especially in the sign of your Chiron. You take many various reactions from others as rejection, even when they’re not. Your inner infant wasn’t given nonjudgmental freedom to play, so now you are hyper self-critical and aware. You are afraid of how others would receive your most vulnerable self. To try and cloak this fear, you simply suppress that part of you. The Chiron in the 5th house person might be extra-self conscious. It’s hard for them to let go and have fun. Although I find that Chiron in the 5th house often manifests in this way, there are a few other ways it can manifest instead. Sometimes, Chiron in the 5th house can be about children. You might want children but are unable to have them, so you live with this wound, or you might become hyper-critical of your children because you don’t want them to experience the wound that you felt. Alternatively, the Chiron in the 5th house person might be wounded or betrayed by partners and by romance in general. The path to healing Chiron in the 5th house largely depends on the scenario and the Chiron sign. Learning to be vulnerable with yourself is always a good first step, as well as finding the will to create and shine, especially in your specific Chiron sign. The goal with Chiron in the 5th house is to live from the heart with honesty and integrity.

Core Need: To be self-confident to be seen & admired.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never be appreciated.

Chiron in 6th

This shows your deepest wound residing in daily needs and health. People with this position are often stressed about their own daily routine, work, & health however they often fail to remedy it & create something that is fixed. Routine is difficult for them, despite them knowing that this is what they need to do to feel better about themselves. On the flip side, others are able to have a routine & a strict work regime & are afraid that if they don’t stick to it they will fall apart. In some cases, this position may manifest in someone who has early health problems or have a parent or sibling who has health problems, and they are responsible for their health. The goal here is to allow yourself some freedom. It is to accept the way you are and make only necessary boundaries for yourself, and trust that the rest will work out.

Core Need: To have effect to make a difference.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never get it right.

Chiron in 7th

This shows your deepest wound residing in close relationships. In some cases, this could be due to seeing their parent go through divorce or witnessing relationship problem in their childhood. Of course, this would impact the person’s relationship with the parent or other parents which then lead to the person feeling uneasy about intimacy & intimate relationships later in life. You feel abandonment, rejection, you need loyalty & commitment & to feel safe. You might feel cursed when it comes to this area of life, but your key is to get over your fears & work on your relationships beliefs that you have picked up in your childhood.

Core Need: to build equal relationships

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never have a relationship that works.

Chiron in 8th

This shows your deepest wound residing in resource, death, and sex. There are many different ways this position may manifest. One way, is that you are constantly dependent on others or others are dependent on you, this could be just emotional but can be more than that too. Whereas for some, they might struggle to feel fulfilled sexually by their partners, but they are able to fulfill their partners easily. For some, they may have experienced death early in their childhood, which manifest as great sorrow regarding the topic. If it’s not death, then loss, that affects how they connect with others. Your lesson here, is to face your fears of intimacy, to share & be honest about your feelings, at least to yourself. & most importantly, accept the cycles of life, and let go.

Core Need: To feel powerful to fulfill destiny.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never feel in control.

Chiron in 9th

This shows your deepest wound residing in expansion. This can be physically, meaning travel, or mentally, meaning philosophy or religion. You are a life long learner, and your beliefs are really important to you, thus often these people may be stuck in their old beliefs because they decided thesis their truth. When really they need to relax and realize that we can change our mind & view about different things & that this doesn’t make us bad people. These people can be great teachers. For some they might have had a very strict religious upbringing, which wounded their relationship with God/universe. To heal, you must let truth shine through rather than holding convictions that you’ve grown out of. & Let yourself DO what you feel your soul pulling you toward.

Core Need: to believe & have faith.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never find something I can full believe in.

Chiron in 10th

This shows your deepest wound residing in reputation. You desire to be recognized and admired. You want to be seen as accomplished & respected. You struggle to find worth in yourself, unless others see your worth. You fear success, you fear failure, you fear making mistake in public when it comes to your career/work & thus will affect your image in society. Often these people have the repsonsbilty to care for others from a young age. They feel responsible to accomplish things so they can take care of others. This wound can be remedied, by learning to accept who you are, who you want to be without the validation & acceptance of others. By going after what you try want to do because it makes you happy.

Core Need: To establish personal authority.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never be respected or taken seriously.

Chiron in 11th

This shows your deepest wound residing in friendship and being part of a group. These people often feel like outcasts, often felt rejected by others growing up & this may have led them to become quite lonely. However because of their unique experience and their personal journey of being rejected by society & most people around them, they are able to relate & connect with those who are struggling with identity issues, behavioural problems and disabilities. Most of these individuals may have have a tough time expressing their unique ideas because they fear rejection from their peers, so they keep their thoughts to themselves. - as it pains them to not be part of a community & to be misunderstood.

Core Need: to be independent & unique.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never be accepted for who I am.

Chiron in 12th

Chiron in the 12th shows that your unhealed wound is to your inner life and spirituality. It may manifest through areas of unconsciousness, institutions, and mysticism. Other possibilities include: Strong need for the experience of unity, ecstasy and loss of identity. You have difficulty opening up to others, yet this is your deepest desire.

Core Need: To feel oneness, compassion & connection.

Child-Self FEAR: I’ll never be able to let go & trust.

& here you have it :)

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