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Fame Indicators In a chart

Updated: Mar 7

Some people are destined to be famous & be visibly seen by many. Some people, are better on camera whereas others are better off camera, behind the scenes ! Are you someone who wants to be famous, or at least be noticed by many.

Do you have the qualities, looks & personality to attract tons of people to you. Most of us if not all, have thought about this at least once in our life, or maybe asked what makes some people famous and others not!

This post is on Fame indicators in a birth chart, so go calculate your birth chart (easily done online for FREE) & check out the following Fame indicators:

*** Fame = doesn’t equal Rich !

1. Sun in a chart is the no.1 indicator of fame: sun in the 1st or 10th house indicate fame

** Extra point if your a Leo - as the sun rules Leo ! & having that makes your sun strong. Come on, how many Leo, do you know that love attention & always get it! ALL.

2. Ruler of 10th house or ruler of MC in conjunction to the sun

3. Fame degrees: 5,17 & 29, these are Leo degrees = check if your MC, Ascendent, any personal planets are on those degrees. Why Leo, because Leo is the King !! Leo rules over the idea of fame because the sign represents glamour, attention, and adoration. Leo is also ruled by the sun.

4. North node in MC

5. Jupiter (the planet of abundance & the great beneficar) is social media & global in marketing, Jupiter in the 1st & 10th house Is indicator of being able to market yourself

6. Jupiter close to Ascendant or MC

7. Jupiter in 2nd (personal finances/possession), 8th (shared resources) or 11th (friends & social network) ** Extra point if Jupiter is in Pisces or Sagittarius

8. Pluto in 1st or 10th house: in the 1st gives you magnetic force around you, having the ability to draw & be influential to others

9. Neptune in the 1st or 10th house

These are not all but some main fame indicators. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee you will be famous, we all have free will & it’s up to us & the efforts we exert towards our goals.

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Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali) X

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