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Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter just re-entered pisces, on the 28th October 2022 & it will stay there until 20th December 2022.

Jupiter has been in Pisces for the 1st half of 2022, December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022.

& it has blessed every single one of us in a a specific area of life. Depending on your rising sign, I am going to share with you where your good Karma has been placed! Why good Karma, because Jupiter is the great benefit, Jupiter is the planet of blessing & abundance, if you want to see where you are blessed & gifted at, simply just look at the sign & house of your Jupiter in the birth chart.

** Please ALWAYS use your rising/ascendent sign, not your sun! To look at astrology predictions/forecast.

The following are where you have been blessed & abundant, depending on your rising:

If you are an Aries rising: Jupiter may have helped you release some kind of addiction, you probably have had a lot of spiritual realizations & growth this year. May have spent more time in solitude, traveled in far foreign land or/and have received good news in regarding those matters.

Taurus: Jupiter has blessed you when it comes to your network, your circle, your social life & friends. You may have achieved a long term goal or wish, possibly socially related or financially.

Gemini: Jupiter has blessed you when it comes to your career, social status, viability & you most likely have had more success this year when it comes to your career or at least what you would like to achieve socially.

Cancer: Jupiter has blessed you with foreign travels, higher knowledge, maybe you have taken further studies or this year has been mainly on growth & learning.

Leo: Jupiter has blessed you when it comes to your finances, the finances you make through others, maybe trading, selling, taxes, inheritance or/and real estate. You have also had a lot of healing & releasing old wounds, especially when it comes to matters of relationships/intimacy. Sexual healing

Virgo:Jupiter has blessed you when it comes to your relationships, and/or business partnerships. You may have gotten married or met someone really special! Or at least your blessing have mostly through others, this year has been the year where you had to learn to receive & accept & be open to good things coming from others.

Libra: Jupiter has blessed you when it comes to your work, health, & daily routines. These most likely have expanded, but rewarding. You may have got a new pet, hired employees, had new insights when it comes to your health.

Scorpio: Jupiter has blessed you when it comes you to love life, children, creativity & all things fun. Some of you may have had a baby, or give birth to a business/project! Something you are passionate about. Some may have also met someone special, with the north node in 7th house thats mostly like the case.

Sagittarius: Jupiter blessed you when it comes to your family, parents, real estate, place of living. Some of you may have expanded your family or relocated. You may have also worked on past trauma & childhood wounds that have blocked you on those matters.

Capricorn: Jupiter blessed you when it comes to your business, sales, learning new information especially when it comes to networking, marketing & sales. A lot of short travel trips !

Aquarius: Jupiter has blessed you when it comes to your finances, savings, resources & assists. Thus your self-worth has also increased, as a result of those things or not. But self-worth is also a topic for you this year.

Pisces: Jupiter has blessed you when it comes to your self! Who you are as a person has had a lot of growth & abundance this year! More knowledge, personal growth, better health, more luck & opportunities! You may have also gained some weight !

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Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali) X

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