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Love & Relationship Reading

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Love & Relationships Reading

This is a specific Astrology Reading on relationships, thus I will be looking at two people's chart.

Who are you in relationships, Your strengths, the challenges, are you two compatible, Soul mates or Karmic…

For this report I look at 3 type of charts:

  1. Your synastry: to examine the relationship between the two & how they may effect one another individually.

  2. Your composite chart: reveal how you come together as a couple and how your relationship will progress.

  3. Your D9 Chart: the most important but underrated chart in astrology & especially in relationships, because this is your marriage chart. This is your chart later in life

Please make sure to send me the birth information for both parties. If the time of birth is unknown for one, we can still do the reading. But of course, the more birth information you have the more you can get out of the reading.

You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as we can, during the duration of your reading.

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