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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 8th November

What is an Eclipse? An eclipse is an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.

Eclipses are a time for exponential growth.

Eclipses are a time of rapid change, either from external or internal circumstances

Eclipses lead to dramatic and unavoidable shake-ups in our lives, and we often finally get the push to leave behind what we’ve outgrown, and embrace a new beginning.

Lunar eclipses always occur at the same time as a full moon

Lunar eclipses is when the Earth passes between the Moon & the Sun. The Earth shadow absorbs the moon or a portion of it

Lunar eclipse = Night of FULL MOON = Earth is between Moon & Sun

Depending on which house the eclipse fall on, in your chart it will affect each person differently… do you know your birth chart & where does today's Taurus Lunar Eclipse fall in 8/11…

For example, If an eclipse happens within 5 degrees of your ascendant, your life will change in a big way. This is most relevant for your Natal ascendant, as its related to your destiny.

Things Likely to happen if the lunar Eclipse falls on your ascendent:

Moving to a familiar place, or to your family

Entering a familiar work or school environment

Concluding a familiar stay

Going back to familiar experiences

Releasing your current environment and life circumstances

Giving up something in your environment or circumstances for something more familiar

Depending on which house in your chart, this lunar eclipse is falling on, you will be releasing a fear, attachment, a negative habit, or getting go of sorrow on that specific area/house.

*** Check the following to see which house is impacts you, based on your RISING!!

Starting with:

  1. Taurus/1st house = is the area of self identity. The ascendant is a symbol of how one acts in life. It is the image of the personality as seen by others, and the attitude that one has towards life.

  2. Gemini/2nd house = is the area of material security and values. It rules money and personal finances, sense of self-worth and basic values, personal possessions.

  3. Cancer /3rd house = is the area of social and intellectual learning.

  4. Leo/4th house = is the area of home, family, roots, and deep emotions/sense of self-worth.

  5. Virgo/5h house = is the area of creative self-expression, romance, entertainment, children, and gambling.

  6. Libra/6th house = is the area of learning by material transaction.

  7. Scorpio/7th house = is the area of one-to-one relationships such as marriage and partnership, and of social and intellectual action.

  8. Sagittarius/8th house = is the area of emotional security and of security of the soul.

  9. Capricorn /9th house = is the area of learning that shapes the identity.

  10. Aquarius/10th house = is the area of material action. The Mid-heaven represents the work one will do in his life, the place one will take in the world of society. It becomes more important as one grows older

  11. Pisces/11th house = is the area of search for social and intellectual security.

  12. Aries/12th house = is the area of education and of emotion.

So do you know your birth chart? Your 12 houses? Need help in figuring out which house does this eclipse fall on, in your chart? Feel free to contact me.

Lot of Love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali) X

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