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Marriage Indicators Using Transits

Updated: Mar 7

Marriage indicators through transits

The following are key transits indicators of marriage (or long term commitment) or meeting someone ;) Enjoy !!

  1. Jupiter entering your 7th house, however it could also be longing & wanting to be with someone - Also Jupiter transiting 1st 3rd 11th house, because its trining your 7th house cusp (7th house is the house of partnership/marriage)

  2. Saturn transiting your 7th house cusp, Saturn is also the planet of commitment = so this also suggests commitment in partnership

  3. North Node transiting your 7th house: if you're a scorpio rising you would be experiencing this until mid 2023 !

  4. Jupiter aspecting or conjunct ruler of 7th house

  5. Perfected lord activated by Jupiter, north node or Saturn

  6. You are on 7th house perfected year: if you are 18, 30, 42 & 54 years old - this is you

  7. Saturn aspecting your descendent or aspecting your ruler to 7th house

  8. Solar return chart Sun, Moon, North Node or Jupiter in 7th house.

  9. 4th house or its ruler transited by slow planet (saturn, Jupiter, pluto or uranus) = indicates moving in together

  10. North Node conjunct to 7th house ruler

  11. Progressed moon going through 7th house

  12. Solar return DESC conjunctions your ASC in natal chart

  13. 7th house ruler activated by solar arc (by venus, moon, Jupiter, Saturn, North Node)

  14. Ruler of perfected year is aspecting your natal 7th house ruler or planets

  15. 4th house perfected ruler is falling in 7th house in your solar return chart = indicates moving in with a partner

& here you have it :)

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