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Mars is Retrograde in Gemini: What are you Reviewing?

Updated: Mar 7

Mars is Retrograde! So hibernate away ...

I am sure most of you have heard or MERCURY RETROGRADE - but did you know that MARS also goes RETROGRADE. Not as often as mercury, but it does, every 26 months!

Not only is it Eclipse season (October - December 2022) but MARS has just started it’s retrograde in the sign of gemini, October 30, 2022 - January 12, 2023. This explains why many of us might be feeling so tired & unmotivated. Mars has been in the sign of Gemini since August 20, 2022 & will stay there until March 25, 2023.

*** Right now its in retrograde motion. In this post I will address how it’s retrograde motion will affect us all.

When Planets go Retrograde - it is an opportunity for us to RE-VISIT things that, that planet rules. It also means that the dominant traits of the planet go dormant. Therefore, whatever traits or energies the planet rules become subdued, which can feel confusing. Mars rules our drive, action, aggression, motivation & even sex! It shapes how we make moves to fulfill our desires and how we cope with and express anger.

The above is a general overview of Mars affect on all of us, but to get a better understanding of how it will affect you, read the following predictions based on your rising sign

Mars retrograde means, reconsidering work, effort, and how we are building something in ONE area of our life. To know which area of life that is, checking the following based on your rising sign:

Gemini/1H: this will affect you the most as it’s happening in your 1st house. You will likely rethink your efforts when it comes to you Body, physical appearance, yourself & personality!

Taurus/2H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to your finances, resources, possessions & even your self-worth.

Aries/3H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to you communication, relationship with siblings, neighbors, co-workers, social media & sales.

Pisces/4H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to your family, home, property.

Aquarius/5H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to having fun, children, your business or creative projects. You dating & love life and things that bring you joy.

Capricorn/6H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to your day to day routine, health, daily work, exercise & diet.

Sagittarius/7H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to your partnership whether its business or romantic. How you connect with others & how others see you.

Scorpio/8H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to your investments, shared resources, money through others, healing, psychology & occult.

Libra/9H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to long-distance travel, higher education or higher knowledge. Travel, foreign land, import/export.

Virgo/10H: Re-thining efforts regarding your career, social status, profession & what you want to be known for.

Leo/11H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to your social circle, audience, organizations, & network.

Cancer/12H: Re-thining efforts when it comes to your spirituality, isolation, mental health & letting go of fears & limiting beliefs.

& here you have it :)

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Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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