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Most important thing in Synastry

Good Synastry with inner planets is important, but it is not enough.

What is more important is our Jupiters & 9th house.

Why? Because Jupiter & 9th house shows how our vision for our life & hopes & dreams are combined. ** Saturn is also very important. It shows how we make our goals.

If you do not have a similar vision or compatibility, when it comes to your lives, then you will not last. Eastern world & Vedic Astrologers understand this and this is why they look at the D9 chart.

Jupiter & 9th House, is very important, way more important that other essential aspects in the chart.

Jupiter is what gives us meaning & our cultural understanding of morality. Our understanding of culture, travel, spirituality, beliefs, children.

For a woman, Jupiter is also what she seeks in her mate.

For men, even gay men, the moon is important. That's what they look for.

What men & women look for is different, women look for an increase, add an element of adventure. Whereas man, looks for security, safety & familiarity.

For women, the moon represent home, the parents, original home.

Whereas, the moon for a man, is the domestic partner.

Women look for their hopes & dreams to increase. (Jupiter)

Men look for a sense of security & safety & familiarity. (Moon)

Compatibility is deeper than how we feel, Compatibility is about how our hopes & dreams will increase.

We can not change & should not get asked to change what gives us hope & adds meaning in our life. If you have to give up your God, to get the love you want, you have a problem. It won't last anyways. The relationship you replace with God, will become your source of misery. You have to get a deeper understanding of what gives your life meaning. Feelings & superficial attraction are not enough, to keep you together.

If you do not want the same things, then what are you doing together? it simply won't work, compromise won't save you either.

Even if you have no common things at all, but if you have good Jupiter & 9th House then you can make it. Because this shows that you have similar vision, hopes & dreams.

In summary, there are 3 IMPORTANT things you need in a long term HAPPY relationship:

  1. Enough superficial aspects in your synastry = if you have opposite this is good for differences but conjunction & square means you will get in each other's way

  2. You need to have aspects to your moon that are not too disturbing = in synastry

  3. You must have similar or complementary, vision for you life & relationship = look at each person's D9 chart, combined 9th house composite, & happy Jupiter aspects

& here you have it :)

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Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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