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North Node in 1st/Aries or North Node in 7th/Libra

Updated: Mar 7

How to find your life purpose using Astrology.

First, you need to use an online chart calculator & find out in which house is your North Node & South Node (Rahu = life purpose) & South Node (past life).

In this post I will cover the North & South positions in the 1st/Aries AND North node in the 7th/Libra.

North node is the energy we are not familiar with, what we are here to learn & master. The south node is what we have learnt or mastered previously.

Is Your Soul Yearning to be Independent or to

Become a Spouse?

If your North Node is in the 1st or North Node in Aries

OR you were born between the following dates: ***Aries north node:

  • Jan 27, 1949 – Jul 26, 1950

  • Aug 20, 1967 – Apr 19, 1969

  • Apr 7, 1986 – Dec 2, 1987

  • Dec 27, 2004 – Jun 22, 2006

These people are drawn to relationships from a very young age. They are drawn to relationships, because this is something they focused on in their past life. However, in this life, they NEED to learn to be self-sufficient. They need to learn to be detached and let go. In past life they were always in committed relationships, always putting others before themselves. They mastered the art of compromise, give and take. Business contracts and marriage contracts. They crave partnerships from a young age, because it is something they are used to, they want to get married young, because this is what's comfortable for them.

Also, business deals, something they will be doing from young age, cause its something they're good at. They will always look for others, business or partner, to make a decision, or get a green light. They learnt to balance and so this will be good at the start of their early years relationships, but then later in life they will start getting disappointed because this life is not about balancing, its NOT about give and take or co-operating.

Some relationships will break, people will disappoint them and business partners might fall. Because this life they are here to learn about themselves, they need to focus on themselves, what they actually want, not what their partner or lover wants. They can't depend on others for support, with their ideas. They need to have the confidence to just do what they want. They need to be more independent, they likely have co-dependency tendencies but this life is about being independent not self-centered.

They need to learn to be selfish at time, they need to think for themselves & develop their own ideas. They need to focus on who they are as a person, taking actions for themselves, for their own life. Once they master that, their love life will get better.

If your North Node is in the 7th House or is in Libra

OR you were born between the following dates: ***Libra north node:

  • Jun 17, 1958 – Dec 15, 1959

  • Jan 8, 1977 – Jul 5, 1978

  • Aug 1, 1995 – Jan 25, 1997

  • Feb 19, 2014 – Nov 11, 2015

  • Oct 15, 2032 – May 22, 2032

The opposite of the above. In here you have not developed relationships, equal give or take, art of compromise in relationships. For these individual the lesson here, is to learn the art of give & take, balance, equality, compromise & considering others they are with romantically & in business. Wherever the north node is, head of the dragon, you want more more and more. Thus this individual will have insatiable appetite for relationships.

Also these people tend to want to be with someone who is different, unusual, than who they are. Different culture, different class, different background. This combination is also an indicator that this person will be cheated on, or will cheat on someone. This is part of their karmic lesson. These people also need to be careful who they do business deals with, they are likely to be used by others. Again, this is part of their karmic lesson, they need to learn to develop healthy relationships, personal & business.

& here you have it :)

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Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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