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North Node in the 3rd/Gemini & North Node in 9th/Sagittarius

Updated: Mar 7

How to find your life purpose using Astrology.

First, you need to use an online chart calculator & find out in which house is your North Node & South Node (Rahu = life purpose) & South Node (past life).

In this post I will cover the North & South positions in the 3rd/Gemini & North Node in 9th/Sagittarius

North node is the energy we are not familiar with, what we are here to learn & master.

The south node is what we have learnt or mastered previously.

Is your soul yearning to speak up OR to gain more Knowledge?

If your North Node is in the 3rd House or is in the sign of Gemini

OR you were born between the following dates: ***Gemini North Node dates

  • Dec 14, 1945 – Aug 2, 1947.

  • Aug 26, 1964 – Feb 19, 1966.

  • Mar 17, 1983 – Sep 11, 1984.

  • Oct 14, 2001 – Apr 14, 2003.

  • May6,2020 –January 18, 2022

North Node in 3rd house (Gemini) means your South node (past life/early years/natural talents) is in the 9th house. Lets start with 9th house, the 9th house is the house of Sagittarius, the idealist, the house of the wise person, the house of the spirituality, philosophy, politics, esoteric knowledge and ultimately self knowledge about yourself.

These people have asked deeper big questions in their past life, complex ideas. 9th House is past life, you were very ideal person, the wise, the spiritual the philosophy & esoteric knowledge. Politics, and ultimately is self-knowledge. These people are likely very academic, maybe professors, the guru, the wise person & teacher that people go to for help & advice. Thus in this life time, from an early age, these people

This life time is about practical things, how to use this knowledge in everyday practical way. This life is not about learning but about activating what you already know and sharing it with the world,… 1st 30 years might overdo and still continue to learn but you are not here to do that again… don’t doubt what you have, and having to know everything before you start doing !!

3rd house is about having the skill to actually do something, writing skills, communication skills, everyday communication, don’t distract yourself with higher knowledge & philosophical skills, but trust that you already know a lot deep inside of you!

If your North Node is in 9th House or in the sign of Sagittarius

OR you were born between the following dates: ***Sagittarius North Node dates:

  • Oct 28, 1973 – Jul 9, 1975.

  • Aug 2, 1992 – Feb 1, 1994.

  • Mar 4, 2011 – Aug 29, 2012

This is the opposite of the above. These people have a lot of skills, a lot of practical skills. Geminis are the most skillful people. 3rd house is information & skills. 9th house is purpose & higher knowledge. These people have will power. They developed this in past lives & maybe some even mastered it.

However what they are lacking in this life is PURPOSE - Sagittarius skills. These people from a very young age, they are looking for the meaning, the purpose of their life, a reason to do what they are here to do. They are seeking & will always do things with a purpose, this gives them meaning in their life. However what usually happens is that they will be super focused on something & then something will happen & they will lose their motivation, & their purpose. This will happen few times in their life, because they are here to learn & be able to see the bigger purpose of their goal.

They are here to learn consistency, sharp laser focus and stick to what they find to be meaningful. For these people it’s super important to develop their faith, their spiritual knowledge, do not be tempted by the logical mind & constantly change your mind about what you are here to do. Instead find something that you really really believe in, focus on it & stick to this thing or goal by viewing it from a higher perspective not the lower mind. Very important to also have faith in what you do.

& here you have it :)

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