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North & South positions in the 5th/Leo & North Node in 11th/Aquarius

Updated: Mar 7

How to find your life purpose using Astrology.

First, you need to use an online chart calculator & find out in which house is your North Node & South Node (Rahu = life purpose) & South Node (past life).

In this post, I will cover the North & South positions in the 5th/Leo & North Node in 11th/Aquarius

North node is the energy we are not familiar with, what we are here to learn & master.

The south node is what we have learnt or mastered previously.

Is your soul yearning to Express it’s individuality OR To be part of a Group ?

If your North Node (Rahu) is in the 5th house or in the sign of Leo

OR you were born between the following dates: *** Leo North Nodes Dates

  • Nov 22, 1942 – May 11, 1944.

  • Jun 11, 1961 – Dec 23, 1962.

  • Jan 6, 1980 – Sep 24, 1981.

  • Oct 9, 1998 – Apr 9, 2000.

  • May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018.

Let’s start with south node (your past lives) when it’s in this position, these people were always part of groups in past lives, they were accepted & often accepted cause that’s what they wanted to do, they wanted to fit into all groups & communities. Friendships & people relationships were a big part of who you are, but what often happened is that you allowed these groups to take over your identity and you weren’t an individual but a representative of the group, there was no individuality, you weren’t the king or the leader of the group but just another team player, equal to everyone else in the group.

However, in this life time, you are pulled to discover you own individuality, you keep falling back to what you are comfortable with (past lives, being part of the group) but this life is pushing you to be the king, the celebrity, the leader. You will be pushed to stand out. It will feel like a lonely path to you in your younger years, because you are used to being in a tribe/community but this life is here to teach you about your own powers, you do not need to be with others to make a difference. You will have to work on your own self-confidence and make sure you do not fall back to your own ways (past lives) you will have to be careful who you surround yourself with, if you are for example into spirituality and want to make money to make a difference in the world, be careful to not surround yourself with gold diggers who might affect your life vision and maybe push you towards making a lot of money but in wrong ways. If you surround yourself with the wrong crowd they will take over your own individuality and one day you will wake up & realize, hold on, this is not me, I am not those people I am surrounded with, and maybe even grow resentful with time but not know exactly why…

So this life, you need to develop your own path, your uniqueness, don’t go or do things you don’t want to because of your friends, don’t fear that they will leave you alone and without friends, instead, stand in your beliefs and see how things that are for your best will come through.

Don’t be afraid to be center of attention, cause you are here to be center of attention, not just another group member, and that’s what will happen

Often this even happens or becomes greater after meeting love of your life, and having children, just be aware that sometimes this might come later in life for you but it will as long as you work on yourself and you are self-aware, of your flaws especially when it comes to your romantic relationships.

If your North Node is in the 11 house or in the sign of Aquarius

OR you were born between the following dates: *** Aquarius North Node Dates

  • Mar 29, 1952 – Oct 9, 1953

  • Nov 3, 1970 – Apr 27, 1972

  • May 23, 1989 – Nov 18, 1990

  • Dec 19, 2007 – Aug 21, 2009

So you developed Leo qualities, the king qualities, these people may have been very expressive, interested & individualistic from a very young age. These people like to shine, be centre of attention, they know who they are and what they want. However in this life, they have to develop the 11H which is a problem in the 1st 30-40 years of life. This is the house of social network & friendships. You won’t meet the real friends until later in life, you might struggle to fit into groups, because of your individualistic traits. But your soul crave & wants to be accepted into groups, wants to be part of a community, they will do things to be accepted. This is one way it may manifest, or you could have had terrible experiences with friends & since then you have retreated, and said you do not need anyone & retreated. You need to learn how to have constructive relationship/friendships, you do not need to be validated & above others, you need to accept that you are all equal. The worst thing that can come from this, is that these people resent others because they are not given the respect & validation they are used to.

& here you have it :)

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