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Relationship Compatibility: Positive & Harmonious in Synastry & Composite Chart

What do I look for when I do a compatibility reading. First of all, this is not limited to only love/romantic relationships, I personally do a compatibility check with everyone, friends, family, & clients ! Lol

However, I will tailor this post for love & romantic relationships. First of all, I want to make it clear that relationship compatibility is very complex!! Relationships are more than just feelings & attraction. Feelings and chemistry will not make a relationship last forever, the only thing that will, is our CHOICE to commit.

Can you use Astrology to see if two people are compatible? yes. But just keep in mind that beside, compatibility, (& honestly the most important part), is that, the two individuals must be willing to want this relationship work.

You can have amazing synastry between two people, but if 1 person is not ready or doesn't want the same thing right now, then it won't work. We all have free will and this is why I say relationships are complex, we're talking about two individuals AND their FREE WILL.

However, what is so great about Astrology, is that you can see & pinpoint exactly what is happening between the two. Astrology can explain to you, why. I will not lie & tell you that you can guarantee a happily ever after by using Astrology, but it can certainly eliminate and save you the time from karmic & painful relationships. Astrology can tell you if you are compatible long term & most importantly the strengths & weaknesses of the relationship, & what to work on.

I say all of this, because this is my approach in Astrology. There is no guarantee here & this is not about predicting your future. This is about knowing & making the most of the resources you have, to know if you are compatible or not.


When it comes to love, a lot of people believe & use the words soul mates & twin flame. They are looking for the ONE. That one person who ticks all, if not most boxes. I personally do NOT have that believe, I don't believe in the ONE. I do NOT believe in 1 "soul mates" nor the idea of a "twin flames". & I think neither should you. Let me explain...

A soul mate is no more than a person who comes to your life to teach you a lesson.

This person could be a friend, family member, romantic relationship.

This connection could be for a season or a lifetime, the choice is yours (Free will of both people). & a soul mate is NOT limited to ONE person, we all have many soul mates.

Just remember that, it does not necessarily mean, that they will stay forever.

There is a difference between a soul mate & a life partner. Which one do you want, which one is more important to you. A soul mate, can be a life partner if both people choose to continuously work on the relationship.

What do I look for in Compatibility Astrology Reading:

  1. Synastry chart

  2. Composite chart

  3. D9 Chart

  4. Enough superficial (attraction/chemistry) aspects in synastry

  5. You need to have GOOD aspects to your moon

  6. You must have similar or complementary, vision for you life & relationship (D9 Chart)

What is a Synastry chart?

A synastry chart is a tool used in Astrology to examine the relationship between the two & how they may effect one another individually. It compares the positions of two people's planets and other astrological points to gain insight into the dynamics of their relationship. The chart is created by superimposing one person's birth chart over the other person's birth chart, highlighting the points where their planets are in close proximity to each other.

What is a Composite Chart

A composite chart is another tool used in astrology to understand the dynamics of a relationship, but instead of comparing the individual birth charts of two people, it creates a NEW CHART that represents the energy of the relationship itself. It reveals how you come together as a couple and how your relationship will PROGRESS. The composite chart can provide insights into the unique qualities and challenges of the relationship, as well as the overall purpose and potential of the union.

What is a D9 Chart?

The most important but underrated chart in astrology & especially in relationships, because this is your MARRIAGE CHART. This is your chart later in life, age 35 + In Vedic astrology, the D9 chart, also known as Navamsa chart, is used to gain deeper insight into a person's relationships, marriage, and spiritual growth. It is believed to represent the soul's journey and provide a more detailed picture of a person's destiny and karmic connections with their partner, making it a useful tool for understanding the dynamics of a relationship.

*** Check out my previous post on, the important of D9, here.

When I do a compatibility Reading for couples, I study the 3 previous charts. Especially, the composite & the D9 chart. As these two charts show longevity of the relationship & it's outcome long term.

My List of Positive & Harmonious Aspects in Synastry & Composite Chart

This is not a complete list nor in order


POSITIVE ASPECTS = (means) Conjunct, trine, sextile

NEGATIVE ASPECTS = opposition or square

** however sometimes, opposition & square are good depending on the planets. So make sure to take note of which ones below.

You want to have more positive than negative aspects with the following list.

But note, that oppositions & squares, don't mean right away that this is a deal breaker or this relationship won't work.

We DO need a good touch of oppositions to add newness, to our relationship. If we have too much conjunctions, we will get into each other's way. So in some cases, opposition is good, actually necessarily. Similarly, squares aren't completely bad, it just we have to make some changes, we have to be flexible people. Two extreme traditional people won’t be able to make it.

  1. Sun & Jupiter: in good aspects is really good. Jupiter & sun opposite is good in synastry, in fact, opposition is actually really good, it is encouraging & bubbly for two people. However, square can be a problem, having fundamental differences between the 2 & negative reinforcement on each other. Negative aspects won't work, IF THE TWO people are very strong & stubborn when it comes their worldly views & beliefs.

  2. Moon & Jupiter: brings two people together: warm, easy, forgiving Jupiter has a lot of fun, pleasure & excitement out if the ways they grow whereas moon find safety & security. Easy aspects are great - but no opposition & square. In composite, between Moon & Jupiter are also very generous. No opposition no square.

  3. Venus & Jupiter: are really good, a lot of kindness & generosity - same sweet tooth - they go a long way - they provide an openness & acceptance to the other person. A lot of sensitivity & openness to the other person, same/similar values. Both pump the other person’s idea & support. The two people share the same artistic views to what they find pleasurable. In composite all aspects are fine, including squares & oppositions.

  4. Mars & Jupiter: inspire each other & motivate. Both people bubble when they have this aspects. Good aspects manifest as two people, who are more energetic, fun & adventurous in the presence of the other person.

  5. Sun, Mars, Venus, Moon in good aspects with Uranus.

  6. Sun & Uranus: this open & starts the interaction in a sudden way. Also means that they can be themselves with the other person. The Uranus person, sends a signal to the Sun person that they can be themselves, and the Sun person feels at ease with the Uranus person.

  7. Moon & Uranus: Moon person feels like they can have & express their feelings. The two people can express themselves easily & openly. The moon person especially feels very safe & accepted. In composite, it shows a lot of blending of our feelings as a couple. The other person stimulates us to share & admit our feelings.

  8. Mars & Uranus: both people are feeling electric exciting & both people will be urged to act their impulses without fear of being judged or rejected. This aspect, introduce energetic possibilities. When Uranus is involved: not everything is KNOWN. Uranus is about no expectations & thats why there is sense of freedom. Also, ease at taking risks & our impulses work together, it is not good if our impulses are turned on at different times.

  9. Venus & Uranus: bring in informality & sexually attraction right away! A lot of physical urgency, they break down the formality things happen quick & without a warning. Aka, start a relationship or get intimate very fast. It definitely leads to a quick friendship at least, if not a relationship very very quickly. Inner planet to Uranus can bring a lot of excitement. Venus & Uranus in all aspects make each person be very quick to judge the other person, lack of formality, sexual relationship happens right away. Both feel they get the other person. The above shows excellent of our meeting of our sexual impulses & material impulses. How our physical needs are met & our values. Our differences are good for each other. In composite, the easy aspects are sextile, trine & opposition, meeting of our sexual & material impulses. Our personal values vs. our vision, these things are blend-able. Conjunction in composite, is actually a hard aspect, as we figure out how what we value clashes.

  10. Sun & the moon: is awesome. It is linking the masculine & feminine. The moon person feels the sun behaviors is in tune with what they need. & vise versa the sun person approves the way the moon person reacts in response to the moon person. In composite, The Sun & moon square is not bad, it is just challenging & will keep you awake. It can be the best relationship you ever have. The opposition, in composite is also really good.

  11. Moon & Venus: positive aspects shows our everyday day habits, needs wants, merge, the relationship is simple, both people emotionally feel cared for.

  12. Moon & Saturn: are reassuring aspects. The security needs & the material needs are blending well. Opposition is also good in synastry. In composite, opposition is also good. There is a lot of karma between these two. Strong sense of responsibility for each other. You see this aspect a lot in married people.

  13. Venus & Saturn: can be good. They link the material yearning & the ability to provide that. Only sextile & trine are good, not conjunctions. Domestic aspects are blending. Different but complementary. In composite, all is good except for square

  14. Mercury & moon: is really beautiful & both feel understood & being able to verbalize their needs. Makes communication easy & be able to speak to one another. It makes emotional communication easy to share. The easy aspects are good including the opposition, but not the square.

  15. Mercury & Uranus: is great in composite: a lot of openness of expression - leads to a lot of mental & communication openness

  16. Venus & Mars: these two are not emotional aspects they are physical aspects. These two are super attracted to each other. The conjunction, opposition, sextile, trine & quintile are best. These two are about our blending of our social & sexual tendencies. Our passive & aggressive traits. in composite, trine, square, opposition & sextile are great. But no so much conjunction, because there is not much friction.

  17. Mercury & Mars (or Uranus): easy aspects are great except the Square. The mercury feels like they can talk openly with the Uranus person.

  18. Mercury & Jupiter: is also amazing!!! all aspects are good - this shows two people can talk openly with each other for hours. Conversation is really important in relationship, if there isn't much, then there might not be much of a relationship.

  19. Planets in 7th house: all planets are good in 7H, except for Neptune.

  20. Planets in 9th house: this is really excellent shows strong link in excitement, forgiveness , morality, & adventures & belief systems.

  21. Planets in 11th House: is great shows friendship 1st because this gives us a really good chance in relationships. Friendships is really really important, it is what keeps us together, when we are friends we are more likely forgive.

Again, this is not a complete list & not in order. These are not all sexual aspects but more positive aspects that make a relationship go a long way. The negative aspects, i've mentioned here are worth keeping an eye on & of course, over all you want more positive aspects than negative. I use a 3 degree orb between aspects.

& here you have it :)

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Lots of love,

Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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