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Saturn Through the Houses

Updated: Mar 7

Where ever Saturn is, this is where we have difficulties, this is usually something we will have until 30/35, something you have abused in your past life. Where Saturn is, it shows our biggest insecurity & our weaknesses. What we are here to master & shouldn’t give up on, Saturn is in that area of life to teach you discipline & perseverance.

Wherever Saturn is we have resistance, restrictions & struggles but as we age we learn to tackle these things & for some this become what we end up mastering in our life time.

Please do NOT be discouraged by the information in this post, it might all seem negative but this is because we are talking about our insecurities, & where we lack confidence ! Saturn is here for us to master in this life, it is our greatest teacher. Saturn is not all BAD - there are benefits to Saturn too! I couldn't write everything about each house, there is so much we could discuss about each house, but for now, i hope this gives you an idea for what to expect from Saturn in your chart.

SATURN in 1st:

1st house is the house of self, physical appearance & the body. Saturn here manifests as restricting body & smaller body. These people are likely to be very shy & awkward when they were young, problems with their confidence in early life. Saturn here also brings delay in the person’s growth. However the person will become more confident in themselves after 30 when Saturn Matures. Often this position leads to the compensating by over doing & sharing how great your life is. These people usually feel unlucky in their life. However, the bonus of Saturn being here, is that they age gracefully & often look younger than their actual age! They preserve their features. They have enormous self-discipline. They Need to feel a sense of control. Their childhood had much more responsibilities than others. Delay in success and everything they want in life, these people often feel cursed but Saturn here just teaching them self discipline & perseverance. Must be careful with their physical body, they will learn to take care of it as you get older. These people will struggle if they try to take short cuts, they must learn to do things the right way or they will fall. This also applies to Capricorn as Saturn rules them!

Saturn in 2nd:

2nd house is the house of material security resources & tradition. These people are conscious & focused on finances & resources. However Saturn here brings delays in area. Until 30/35. These people must learn to manage their finances & resources. These people are usually more responsible. These people may over compensate by over working & just focusing on money money as this is what they are most insecure about & what gives them a sense of security the most. 2nd house is also self-worth & thus the 1st 30-35 years the person lacks self-love. Advice here: these people do well having regular meals, small meals not big & these people are likely to do really well fasting!

SATURN in 3rd:

3rd house is the house of communication sibilings & intellectual mind. Saturn here, indicates karma with siblings, from past life, these people might have karma with relatives too. If not, it could be play mates, work, in groups etc. these people likely feel misunderstood, not heard, not valued especially with their communication/voice. For example, in past life perhaps their friends, siblings, parents ignored them, they didn’t pay attention to what they had to say, so they came in this life time, thinking what's the point, "whatever I say it doesn’t matter". These people might even feel like others are laughing at whatever they say, they might also have struggled in school because of their communication or felt judged in their early years. The best way to deal with this is to face it, they can make it their job, their mission to master, once you master Saturn you can master anything. So push through, knowing this now, should put them in ease, they're not stupid & their communication is not flawed! They need to become confident with this and think less, this placement makes people over think a lot! & whenever they feel or want to make a decision its hard for them to decide as they are often full of doubt. They overload in information, they need to realise that sometimes you just need to go for it, you won’t figure things out in your head. Also they may feel clumsy with their hands, but learning hands craft will give them a sense of achievement. Very self critical people. Likely to worry a lot. These people don't like to take part in small talk, they like deep conversations.

Saturn in 4th:

4th house is house of the soul & heart. Is that house of happiness & saturn is where we feel separated. Saturn here causes the person to be more prone to depression, these people also struggle to feel connected. In early life these people may have had a very strict upbringing, & likely didn't feel loved by the mother or the parental figure. Often these people have a lot of responsibility & karma with the parents, family, even if they have tried to leave them & move far away, something makes them come back & in extreme cases they might have to take care of their parent/s. These people are also here to learn about agriculture, property and land. They can pay their karma by taking care of their parents, or even making this their work/career i.e real estate, property managers or family related careers. These people often have a lot responsibility with family & they feel they have a lot of work to do with their . They are here to heal & work on their ancestry & family Karma. Advice: take on gardening.

Saturn in 5th:

5th house is our creative urges. How we express them and how confident we feel to express them. Having Saturn here shows that there is restricted, maybe in your earlier life your creativity was dismissed, your ability to be yourself was rejected or dismissed. Your fun, child self was not celebrated, possibly in your childhood. Even if the parents didn’t block it, it is something you were born with. There is a block until your 30/35 years.. there is a restriction, maybe something happened when you were a child & blocked you as it was a big blow to your ego. These people tend to stick with the ones they date, they don’t feel so confident when it comes to love life and so they likely to stick with whoever they are seeing because they don’t want to keep exposing themselves, their fun side, their true selves as it’s something they don’t feel secure about. You can become master of art & control creative things, because you will work really hard at this area, as it’s something you lack confidence in. E.g. organizing parties & wedding planner, creative projects. Saturn in 5th house also indicating, delays when it comes to having children, later 30/35, might even experience loss of a child or miscarriage. Also this is likely to bring you more painful relationships than joyful ones!

Saturn in 6th:

6th houses is the house of service, health, daily routine & work!! Having Saturn here, will make the person a workaholic, even if they don’t want they will have a lot of work, changes & difficulties in work & their jobs. The person will likely have issues when it comes to their work, maybe a difficult work place or a difficult boss. Work is challenging for them. This is because in a past life the person might have abused their power & was treating their workers unfairly & maybe abusive. Thus in this life time they are here to pay their karma back. This house is also the house of daily routine & health. Thus the person may have restrictions when it comes to changing their routine & even their health. Health issues here are likely to be the kidneys & stomach, but this may different depending on the sign in this house. Cleanliness & order is really important for there people. Health & diet is also important & this might come after a health problem.

Saturn in 7th:

7th house is the house of relationships, marriage & business agreement. Maybe in a past life you broke your promises to business or marriage partners, thus in this lifetime you will have karma to pay back in this area. Relationships romantic & business may be problematic for you until after the age of 30/35! These people are better off getting married after the age of 30! Relationships will get better as they age & as they learn the art of relationships, fair equal relationships. Saturn here also shows that the person is likely to marry someone who is much older than them, they might also end up with someone who is saturnian! Meaning their partner will be conservative, maybe strict & rigid. When these people enter a relationship, they don’t easily let it go. They are likely to have few long relationships. The person here will learn & become more disciplined through relationships.

Saturn in 8th:

This is the most difficult position of Saturn. 8th house is the house of emotional security. People with this position lack emotional security, they are likely to form addictions & compulsive behaviour as this position makes them quiet vulnerable. The more evolved the person is, or as they mature, they seek understanding of this position, so they might get into psychology & Astrology to understand their blockages. The person here is likely to experience blockages when it comes to intimacy, or connecting with others. Merging with other. 8th house is also the house of finances of the other partner. Thus people with this position, often are unable to receive from their partner financially. There is also some restriction when it comes to their partner’s resources. If your trying to be a gold digger this won’t work for you! Lol Also these people struggle to ask for help from others. They end giving more than receiving but this gets better after the age of 30!

Saturn in 9th:

9th house is the house of beliefs, education & spirituality. These people are often struggle with their beliefs, with god, with their spirituality. These people have either being brought up in a non belief in God household, so they deny their existence of God, or they were brought up in a very strict religious household. They have a lot of fears & beliefs that make them live in fear or guilt, e.g you will burn in hell if you do this or that etc. Regarding their upbringing these people end up disconnecting with God & denying it’s existence, they might resent it for a while, but later in life they end up coming back. They return back after they have researched & explored different beliefs & religions. They end up coming back to a ancient knowledge, ancient religion. 9th house is the house of all knowledge but ultimately it is the house of higher knowledge & spirituality. These people are disconnected with moral beliefs, whats right & whats wrong but eventually they end up learning these things the hard way. Finding god for these people is their life life long journey, that takes a lot of discipline & hard work. Many with this position have a strict father or have an absent father. They have a lot of karma with father figures & teachers.

Saturn in 10th:

One of your struggles or big lessons in this life is work, your status, you career. But this is what you will be also known for, you will be known & viewed from the work that you choose to do in the world. 10th house is your career, your achievements in the world. However since Saturn is restrictions & delays, you will experience a lot of delays when it comes to you career & status. It also shows the father, the father is likely someone the person looks up to despite them being very strict. This placement manifests with the person being afraid to go out in the world & achieve things, this is difficult placement for men. But with age the person will slowly be able to tackle their fears of putting themselves out there & in many cases if they keep pushing through they will achieve high status in society. People with Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius do really well, all sign can but these 3 do the best.

Saturn in 11th:

11th house is friends, happiness from friendships & happy relationships are delayed. The 1st 30 years are hard, but after your Saturn return, you will do really well, money, friends, well known, work in economic profession, governments, large institutions. You have a lot of karma, to give back to society. At the beginning of life, you might have felt alienated, out cast, or restricted, from others, however as you get older you will master this & you will accept these things about yourself. You are here to work on a cause, work for people who might be unrepresented, you are able to be a great leader for those who can’t speak for themselves. If you work on his and realize how powerful this position is, you can use it for your advantage. You are visionary, work with other people, don’t be so stuck in your own ways. You have a unique mind, able to see things before others tho, you can lead a movement, know this instead of thinking you are weird or an out cast.

Saturn in 12th:

Your karma is the block of letting go of things, you struggle to let go of things, you do not know what you should keep & let go. You need to learn to release things, you might feel stuck in some areas, which blocks you to move forward. You might have a lot of negative emotions, but you do not know where they come from. For some, I recommend you see a therapist, as this will help you understand your beliefs & subconscious thoughts come from & understand them. You might have nightmares often? Negative emotions? And/Or Fearful of being alone. Normally these people have a block when it comes to spirituality.

& here you have it :)

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