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Venus in 12th House Synastry

A lot of people think of affairs & cheating, right away when seeing Venus in 12th house, which is a possibility but it's not always the case. *** Having anything in 12H synastry bring up a lot of hidden psychology.

12H = is a hidden house, there is a lot of hidden things, it is the unconscious.

Venus = is what we value, love, & it's beauty.

Venus in 12H, is often known to be a negative aspect, a cheating aspect specifically. However this is not always the case and this is not the only manifestation/interpretation of Venus in 12 house.

Sometimes, this may have simply been a relationship that have started as a secret (for other reasons than infidelity). Or There might be a lot of secrets in the relationship in itself, both people have a lot of secret or the relationship has to stay hidden. Again, this is for other reasons beside, infidelity.

In this post, I will share with you some positive manifestations of Venus in 12th House.

Other Manifestations of Venus in 12H Synastry and/& Composite:

  1. It's a relationship that makes us feel whole.

  2. There is a lot of unconditional love between the two people

  3. The two are connected subconsciously maybe even telepathically.

  4. The house person will feel that they found someone who understands them

  5. The Venus person brings the hidden talents of the house person

  6. The house person may have a hard time expressing their feeling to the venus person

  7. The Venus person will ignite Venus qualities to the house person, meaning the house person will want to take care of themselves more, make an effort to look more beautiful, workout & look beautiful to the other

  8. The Venus person may have a secret crush on the house person, & the house person will have no clue

  9. Venus person is the initiator the house person is the receptor. The house person will always react in relationship to the Venus person behaviour.

  10. The two can heal each other's traumas, this relationship can be very healing if both people are mature & open.

Negative Manifestations of Venus in 12H Synastry and/& Composite:

Sometimes, the negative manifestation of this aspect, is betrayal & cheating, especially by the Venus person done to the house person. Thus, the house person needs to be careful to not be deceived by the Venus person.

However, I really do believe that this could happen, because the two or at least 1 have feeling for the other but is unable to communicate it. There is a lot of miscommunication & misunderstanding between the 2!

In summary, if you see this aspect again, don't jump into conclusion that this relationship will lead to betrayal, as it is not always the case.

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& here you have it :)

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