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Venus Through the Houses

Updated: Mar 7

Venus shows how we show love, what kind of partner we are attracted to. In a female chart it shows how she feels worthy of her self & what gives her confidence & in a male’s chart it will describe the wife or the type of partner he is looking for.

Remember these are all just ONE aspect of someone’s chart & You can’t interpret a person’s chart by looking at just ONE aspect. The chart has to be interpreted as a whole. For some people, the info here might not 100% resonate, because there might be other aspects to Venus and/or other planets in the same house, which change the interpretation

Venus in 1st House

1st house is the house fo physical body & self. Having Venus here, means you are very strongly identified & attracted to the physical body, its very important to you that you dress well & to be pleasing to the eye, to the ear to the physical body. You are attracted to people who are like that & to people who are also more agreeable. In a woman’s chart, it shows how worthy you feel about yourself, to your body is very important, how you look. To an extent, you get what you want. Having Venus here brings you a lot of luck with things Venus rules: beauty, pleasure, aesthetics, finances ! It is important for you to be sensual, loving, these things are very important to you. You are very charming, attract partner, you speak softy & people are often drawn to you.

Venus in 2nd House

2nd house represents financial resources & security but also the face. The person will have very beautiful face & also will be attracted to those with beautiful faces. The person is also attracted to soft beautiful voices. Man with this placement, will look for a traditional woman, he wants her to do traditional things, even if his a play boy he will eventually marry a traditional woman. Also food is really important, so the man is likely to even pick a wife base on just her cooking sometimes! He will also want a woman that will manage the resources, he may bring the money & she will manage. The person can meet their partner through friends, they might even meet their partner through family. In this house, you will be blessed with material wealth and lucky or if this is your goal and something you want to acquire, you will achieve it.

VENUS in 3rd house

3rd house is the house of communication, siblings & intellect. Venus also describes the wife in a man's chart or what he looks for in a partner. He will be attracted to someone who is curious, skillful & intelligent.

Someone who is entertaining & someone you can exchange ideas with. Someone you can learn & grow with. Someone who is skilful in everyday trade & knowledgable on everyday matters.

Someone who is entertaining, excitable, adventurous, playful, & WITTY!! Venus in 3rd house person, is also likely to meet their person, through short travels, siblings, or somewhere where you go to learn new skills..

Venus in 4th house

This is a fortune position of Venus. For these people luxury, pleasure, love, relationships & family are really important, however it won’t be obvious to know this about them. As 4th house is our inner world, & often these people won’t show this externally but just know that they do value these things. There are more likely to wait for others to purse them, then tell them they are interested, even for a man. Also these people often enter relationship for deeper emotional needs, not superficial reasons. They will enter relationships for a sense of peace and for stability. For these people their home & property is very important to them, it’s important for them to have a beautiful home, to be stable, either through their partner or to be able to create that with their partner. A man will be attracted to a woman who is more traditional, calm & is maternal.

Venus is in 5th house

5th house is the house of creativity, love & children. The 5th house is house of romance, and venus is romance, so it shows the person is overly romantic. Women love a man who is like that, you like them to always make romantic gestures. These people are also sometimes considered as playboys/playgirl cause all their life they are interested in romantic love relationships. These people approach relationship in a fun way & ego gain, not always for family purposes. These people will always show that they love you, if they don’t show it and you are not sure that’s how you know that these people don’t love you! The person will like relationships that are fun, they want to play, go to places of entertainment, that’s also where they will likely meet their partner, places of entertainment. It is also important for you that your partner likes children or child like themselves. Even if that is not your goal, it is important that they like children.

Venus in 6th house

A bit of a difficult position to have as 6th house the house of disharmony & venus is the house of harmony. These people often attract difficult partner who are argumentative, often attract partners who later end up being their enemies, as 6th house is the house of enemies & delays. Thus marriage or finding a partner can come really delayed. In some extreme cases such people can fall in love who are marginalized in society, an addict, as sex worker, a criminal etc. this is not always the case, please check aspects to Venus & the sign of Venus but this is just to give you an idea of what it could be.

Venus in 7th house

7th house is the house of relationships so Venus is happy here. The person will be attracted to romantic partners, compromising partners & they themselves will be like that. Equal relationships are really important for these people, both partners need to be making the decision, both need to give and compromise in the relationship, any imbalance in a relationship will not last with these people. Meaning they can be the person who is always giving, there has to be a balance. You will be attracted to people who are well presented in society & for a man it is really important that his partner is able to present him well in society, someone who is also very well seen by others. These people may often be driven by the sex in the relationship & so this may cause problems in the relationship long term. Something to be careful with.

Venus in 8th house

Extremely interesting position, these people are attracted to secretive partners, secretive/mysteries people, & so are they themselves! you think you know their love life, but you are only seeing the tip of the ice burg! Even if they are not doing it, they are thinking it. A man with this position, will like dark beauty, secretive mysterious women, also these men are prone to cheat & if not its something hidden never visible. These people sex is much more physical, tantric for those who are highly. Also there is ability to be destructive in relationships. 8th house is a faulty house, you will have relationships that’ll end suddenly & never stable. Also these people are likely to enter new relationships before ending the last one. They are attracted to taboo sex & something forbidden. Physical intimacy are likely to be intense & maybe transformational. Also with venus in 8th, you are likely to make more money from your partner/marriage. These people are also, likely to have more than 1 marriage.

Venus in 9th house

9th house is a very lucky place! 9th house is the institution of marriage so these people are likely to be lucky when it comes too their love & especially marriage. In fact these people are likely to to become luckier in life after they get married. 9th house is attracted to those who are well travelled, men with this position are attracted to well traveled women, who are well rounded & knowledgeable about different cultures, high minded and spiritual women or even religious women. Likewise for women with this position they will also be attracted to spiritual men, men with higher knowledge & in some cases their partnership is actually rooted in spirituality & their love for God. If not spirituality & religion, then someone who is into politics, someone who is not just interested in the superficial things that are happening in the world. Also attracted to partners who live by high moral codes. Likely to meet your partner abroad, in education setting, while traveling or he/she might be even a foreigner.

Venus in 10th house

Highest position of the horoscope, so whatever planet is there, becomes very strong. You will be someone who is known socially, as someone who is kind, pleasurable, someone who dresses very well, and it is very important for you to be with someone who is also like that. You will want someone who cares about their social image & makes an effort to work & improve their image. This is a more traditional position, & adventurous relationships will likely hurt you than benefit you. In a man’s chart, they will want a woman who is ambitious & is career driven or has achievements in her life. A woman, who, her role in society is also very important to her, even if she’s not that type of woman, then she needs to be someone who will support him & be there for him when it comes to his business & his effort to climbing the social ladder. Whereas a woman with this position is often attracted to men who have a high social status, this doesn’t mean famous, flashy or a celebrity but someone who is of high status and respectable person in society. Women with this position will also gain confidence as they establish themselves in society, their confidence will come from their achievements. Often these people, meet their partner at work or work related venues.

Venus in 11th house

11th house are socially aware house, your could meet your partner through friends, maybe your partner was your friend before a lover, your partner is most likely to be your friend. You can be with someone for sexual attraction but you will not marry them, Its important to you that your partner who has similar goals to you, people who contribute to the world. They need to have a progressed social philosophy, (this is higher level, so doesn’t necessarily apply to all). Friends are important part of your relationship, you need to be able to mix both your friends & your partner, they must be able to get along with all. It's a fortune position, your partner will not just be a lover they will be your good friend too!

Venus in 12th house

This is a bit of a difficult position. Venus is love & relationship & 12th house is private hidden house. If you think you know these people’s love life, you are mistaken. These people are often drawn to have hidden secret relationships, even out of marriage relationships.12th house is also the dream subconscious house, so these people may be extremely romantic but they see their partner unrealistically. They project to their partner characteristics that this person doesn’t have & then they get upset when they realize this person is not who they thought it was. The people also tend to spend more time dreaming a lot about the relationship they want than actually working on their relationship. These people do much better in affairs than actual long term committed relationships. Also these people often meet their partners in a far away land!

& here you have it :)

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