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What the House In Astrology Reveals?

Updated: Mar 7

A basic intro into Astrology & how different facets of life can be seen & predicted is, using the houses. Each House in your Astrology chart governs an area, every single one of us has a different chart, their unique blue print, even twins! But every single house, for all of us rules & the reveals to us the same area. See the following for each house meaning:

1. The first house reveals the mask one uses and how they wish to be perceived by others, it reflects how one’s destiny will unfold.

2. The second house governs the financial situation, the pleasures and the things one regards highly in life, revealing in what one finds comfort and stability.

3. The third house over verbal expression and short-distance travel and reveals how curious one is and how open they are to interacting with others.

4. The fourth house governs over family relations, domestic matters and unconscious attitudes towards stability and protection in life, revealing where and how one feels safe.

5. The fifth house governs self-expression and entertainment, revealing how free an individual feels to behave, how risk-taking they are and what they find enjoyment in.

6. The sixth house is that of work and health, revealing how disciplined and organized the individual is and how they work towards overcoming obstacles in their life.

7. The seventh house governs romantic and professional partnerships and reveals how one reacts to working and living in collaboration, how willing to compromise and improve they are.

8. The eighth house deals with matters that are at the hand of destiny and reveals how one copes with their sexuality, with transformations and things beyond their control.

9. The ninth house governs over long-distance travel and educational pursuits, revealing how open one is to new experiences and to discovering the world.

10. The tenth house reveals an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, how they cope with rules and authority and how their professional path will pan out.

11. The eleventh house governs friendships and occasions to stand out from the crowd and reveals how an individual will contribute to society.

12. The twelfth house has strong connections with karma and governs hidden secrets and talents, a reminder than when a door closes, another one opens.

& here you have it :)

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