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Whole House Vs Placidus House System

I’ve been meaning to write a post explaining this as few people have asked me this. First of all, I am not saying my method is better, its just one method and my preferable method because it is straightforward & simple. Whole sign houses and Placidus are two different approaches to dividing the zodiac into 12 equal parts or houses.

The Placidus system is based on dividing the space between the Ascendant and Midheaven into 12 unequal parts, with each house starting at the degree of the Ascendant and extending to the next cusp. The size and shape of each house varies depending on the latitude and time of day, so planets can be located in different houses using this system than they would be in the Whole sign house system. In my opinion, Placidus is good, if you want to get the degrees of the house & sign, if someone is on the cusp, or some planets on the cusp, I think it important to take note of their Placidus chart. But please note, that in Placidus, you can have houses larger than 30 degrees in size, which means sometimes a sign gets skipped as the house ruler, so that’s important to note.

On the other hand, In the Whole sign house system, the entire sign in which a house cusp falls is considered to belong to that house. For example, if the cusp of the 1st house falls in the sign of Aries, then the entire sign of Aries is considered to be the 1st house, regardless of whether any planets or other points fall in that sign or in the 2nd house.

Why I choose Whole sign Houses?

I use whole sign system, because thats how, I do all my predictions, I use house rulership. Also It makes sense for the signs to be divided into 12 equal size, 30 degrees long. It doesn’t really make sense for houses to be distorted In size. It doesn’t make sense to have multiple signs ruling a house. If for example, I want to look at your love life/marriage I would look at the ruler of your 7th house. It doesn’t make sense to look at two signs rulers if it was in placidus. Also think about other techniques like zodiacal releasing annual profection, these won’t work in placidius house system.

If you don’t know the person’s exact time of birth then use their sun as ascendant, especially if they identify with it. If you know the person’s exact time & date, use whole sign system, tropical zodiac.

I hope this clarified things for you, but again, don’t let anyone tell you what’s right & wrong, experiment for yourself. We still don’t understand Astrology 100% 😉💜

& here you have it :)

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Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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