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Will I be happy in love?!

Updated: Mar 7

Will I be happy in love?!

I am not saying you never will be & be don’t use Astrology to justify your shitty behavior & projections, but use it to better yourself & heal.

These following placements show challenges in a person’s relationships:

  • North Node NN in 7th South Node SN in 1st house

This shows you worked so much on yourself in your past life, these people have been self absorbed cause they spend a lot of time in their own world. SN also shows lack of security in yourself, and this will most likely reflect in their relationships. NN shows you haven’t mastered relationships, they want and crave more and more relationships and connections, they are likely to cheat because of that, hence why they need to get it out of their system, explore and date and save marriage for later in life. You need to kick your demons out of your system, NN is obsession and craving attention from others, so make sure you learn the lessons of NN before you commit. These people need to learn how to behave in a committed relationship.

  • South Node in 7th house & North Node in 1st house

These people are comfortable here, they want relationships from young age, they need to learn to be self-sufficient. They need to learn to be detached and let go

  • South Node in the 4th and North N ode in 10th House

4th house is house of receptivity, this is even more important house for women. Men with this position will be very charismatic, they aim high, they promise big things but they are inconsistent and they want big things and will go for them obsessively which can break the other woman heart. Not very experienced in his world experience, meaning he may change his plans all the time. For a woman, she will have mastered her emotional state but perhaps too much that she hides a lot.

  • North Node in 4th house & South Node in 10th House

A male is will feel confused and lacking in his career/work life, worldy actions, he will lack actions and so this will reflect in his relationships, because he doesn’t take action. Whereas for a woman, it will be painful to be with, cause she is not receptive, she won’t appreciate when good things come to her. She is not emotionally receptive. She doesn’t talk or open up.

Do You have any of these placements, confused ASF lol just send me a DM or book a reading through the link. 🔑

& here you have it :)

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Astro Arwa (Arwa Ali)

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