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Arwa, wow! This reading was incredible and so spot on! The birth chart reading really made sense and explained a lot about what I’ve been through and where I’m going. This will be very helpful in life to understand who and how am I and what areas in my life I may need to work on to find more alignment and peace. So beautiful. 🦋

The solar return and the astrocartography sections were also super validating for me!! So many parts of this I’ve already been planning on or feeling called to do, so seeing it align with stars (and with you knowing so little about me or my plans) I just feel even more confident and supported moving forward! I’m so grateful for your time to put this reading together for me. It was very beautiful! 🦋

by Amanda - Writer

Hey Arwa, the reading was really interesting and enjoyable, it felt like me talking to the higher self hehe, you were telling about important things that i should consecrate more on, weaknesses and more other things that can change ones life.

I think it is really important to know your self more and know you problems and a person like Arwa can give you a good feed back. It felt like you just need to tell you day of birth and time and bom she knows what you did back in 1998.
Blessings ❤️🦋

by Hussein 

I had my birth reading with Arwa today. It was extremely insightful. Arwa was remarkably precise. She was extremely professional and offered a quality reading. I was in awe of the information, knowledge, and explanations she shared with me regarding my personality, past life, and current situation.
This was a great experience for someone like me who is new to astrology. I highly recommend her services. I am looking forward to working with her for a more in-depth session.

by Ingrid 

The MiniReading I received from Arwa, was astonishingly correct. I believe she now knows me better than anyone else. I feel safe, heard and look forward to my InDepth Astrocartography Reading & Transcript.
By JudithAnne Condon
Tantra Coach

I was blessed and fortunate to cross paths with Arwa recently and received a beautiful mini reading. First of all, I was enchanted by her magnetic energy and spirit. And the reading!! Wow!!  It was so spot on down to my body type.

I wish I could’ve received this reading 20 years ago so I could’ve better prepared myself for life. It’s the most insight I’ve ever received into why I am the way I am and I am most grateful. Thank you Arwa. I will be in touch soon for a full reading.


By Jenn

This was my first astrological reading.

Being blown away is an understatement. Arwa is THE ONE you've been looking for - she is an expert astrological chart reader, following Kabbalistic and other astrological science to the T. With absolutely 0 context other than my date and time of birth,
Arwa was able to examine planetary alignment at my birth to 100% accurately describe the course my life has taken thus far, the root causes of my struggles, the difference between my internal values and societies', and most importantly, how I can use my innate strengths and values to align my hard work and perseverance with my natural calling in the short term - she was able to get at the heart of who I am and my inner struggles and mission in life with absolutely 0 context clues. It was 2 years of self reflection and growth through trial and error packed into 1 session.
Arwa moreover brings a rare combination of articulateness, empathy, and grounded humility to her sessions, and emanates a radiance that you wish you friends had. This was a truly rare unique hidden gem of an experience you'll be lucky enough to get if you find availability on Arwa's calender.
I'm a natural sceptic of anything metaphysical that requires "a leap of faith" - this experience however was game-changing to my logical evidence-based engineer brain.
As a result I have a deeper understanding of myself and a solid plan to bring myself closer to my full self-actualizing potential.

by Parv

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