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Career & Wealth Reading

Anyones can be a Millionaire, but to be a billionaire you need an Astrologer. — J. P. Morgan

This is a reading specifically and only focusing on the followings ONLY:

  • Life purpose: what is your soul here to work towards

  • Karma: good and bad, what do you bring here with you from past lives

  • Best Career options: by looking at the above two and determining what are you here to do 

  • Best Money making options for you: what area of work can you generate money/wealth easily

  • Whether you have any of Billionaire Indicators in your chart & in which area? ** Don't worry if not, that doesn't mean you can't make it, if you don't have any of the Royal stars. 

This will NOT be a full birth chart reading but only on Career & wealth. If interested in a full Birth chart reading, click here.

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Are you Destined to be Wealthy?

Do you have any of these Royal fixed stars in your chart?

​1. Alebaran (Bull's North Eye) 

2. Regulus (Lion's Heart) 

3. Antares (Heart of the Scorpion) 

4. Fomalhaut  - derives from the Arabic Fum al Hut, meaning Mouth of the Fish

5. Rigel 

The above Royal stars are the easiest and most obvious ways to see if someone is destined to be wealthy, but of course don’t be disappointed if you don’t have any. There are many other indicators that suggest you will, however you will need to have more than one, as these are not as Powerful as the above Royal stars.


To see if you have those in you chart, and to find out in what area, don’t hesitate to reach out, book a FREE call with me.

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Ordering from Astro Arwa

You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can, during the duration of your reading.

Get to know more about my work by checking:

- My Astrology blog

- About me Page

- My clients' reviews

- My instagram


Look forward to hear from you,

Astro Arwa X

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